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Experience the pure essence of a bawa pool. Take advantage of your surroundings and allow yourself the benefits that water brings.

All of our pool systems are meticulously designed according to each specific requirement, based on size, chlorination choice and lighting theme.

We work closely with our partner companies who design and deliver energy efficient, modern filtration systems, pumps and pool lighting equipment.

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quality pools

we value quality natural products and our goal is to always provide your project with the relevant tile and stone finish that complements your surroundings & fits your budget

original designs

bawa pools provide customised swimming pool installations and outdoor spas with all the features you desire. Designing swimming pools for the Phuket, Krabi & Phang Nga areas

Commercial building renovations and builds in Phuket

luxury experience

with a bawa pool your surroundings will be transformed into a beautiful, luxurious experience. Turn that unused space into a place of relaxation and enjoyment

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bawa pools, Thailand

experience the pure essence of a bawa pool