introducing our ‘Roma’ range from Bawa Pools

To blend grandeur with affordable class, to step backwards into the timeless era of marble perfection and to feel submerged with the uncontrollable veins and patterns of a naturally polished stone we bring you Roma. The Roma style swimming pool’s inspiration was most notably drawn from the style and wealth of Roman stone architectural baths and the timeless features we all associate with this so ancient period.

The marble itself is laid in staggered patterns allowing for minimal grout lines which almost bring the stone to a more modern time. LED blue strip lights caress the underside of the coping stone defining the angles of all corners of the pool. A bubble and jet spa section of the pool brings a sense of celebration and luxury. The pool side boasts minimal sunbeds,  roman vases and tasteful statues with white blooming frangipanis bringing the sense of cross continental exterior design. Feel the Roma stye.


  • White marble
  • White sandstone
  • Frangipani
  • White sunbeds
  • Roman vase and statues
  • Blue LED lights
  • Emaux pool pump
  • Jacuzzi

Bawa Pools colour palette

Colour palette

The roma range features Rome’s stunning backdrop colours

Inspiration for the Roma pool | Bawa Pools


The beautiful architecture of historical Rome


the bawa pool design & build process

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