introducing our ‘Glass’ range from Bawa pools

To dare to be transparent as glass, to dare to be as bold as black, to dare to be as bright as a diamond, to dare to be! Well, it’s not all about being daring to appreciate the absolute pleasure and profound feeling of swimming with a solid glass full length wall, whilst being engulfed with contemporary, ultra-modern, mirrored glass mosaic tiles. A beautiful glass style swimming pool.

It’s almost as if this design was made with the intention of making a statement without making a statement , to ask questions of design without asking questions of design, to push boundaries without actually pushing anything at all other than the want and need to be more clear on what one needs. Be like water. Be like glass.


        • Glass wall
        • Mirrored mosiac
        • Retro Italian sun loungers
        • Black tube vases
        • Blue LED lights
        • Emaux pool pump
        • Jacuzzi

    Bawa Pools colour palette

    Colour palette

    The glass range combines simple colours to stand out

    Bawa Pools inspiration


    Making a grand statement in a simple manner


    the bawa pool design & build process

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